Will you be able to afford the retirement you want? This is the money podcast

The cost of a comfortable retirement has jumped over the past year – but what do you need to have a comfortable retirement and will you get there?

As the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association updates its annual outlook on how much income people need to have a minimum, average or comfortable retirement, Georgie Frost, Lee Boyce and Simon Lambert take a look at what it all means for you.

If a comfortable retirement costs a couple £59,000 a year and an average of £43,000, what do you stand a chance of achieving – and are there any important parts that have been left out of the costs?


Is your pension on track for a comfortable retirement?

The team looks at the cost of retirement, why it may not be as expensive as it first appears, how to invest for retirement and what kind of support a state pension will provide.

Plus, why is our real top rate of income tax at 60 per cent – ​​which is not what the highest earners will be affected by when their next pay rise – and is there any hope that Jeremy Hunt will finally be the Chancellor who does something about it.

Stamp duty is not just reduced, but eliminated altogether.

And an interview with a contemporary business legend. Simon talks to Sir Stelios Haji-Iono, founder of easyJet and easyGroup, about how he started and built the airline and the Young Entrepreneur Awards he has won.

PLSA costs for different types of retirement: Will you get there?

PLSA costs for different types of retirement: Will you get there?

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