Who is Colonel-General Oleksandr Sersky, the new commander of the Ukrainian army? | News of the Russian-Ukrainian war

Sersky, who replaces Gen. Valery Zalozhny, has been called the “Snow Leopard” and “Hero of Ukraine” for his battlefield successes.

Colonel-General Oleksandr Sersky, chief man Volodymyr Zelensky She chose Leading the Ukrainian army, he played a key role in some of the country’s biggest victories in its war with Russia, including overseeing the successful defense of the capital Kiev in the early days of the invasion.

Like most senior officers of his generation, Sersky was born in Soviet Russia in July 1965 and studied at the Red Army Academy in Moscow.

In the 1980s he was sent to Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union.

But when the Soviet Union collapsed, he remained in Ukraine, where he studied at the National Defense University in Kiev and joined the ranks of the newly independent Ukrainian army.

Syrsky’s selection as commander-in-chief does not come as a surprise because few members of the Ukrainian military have the experience and expertise to fill the position of his hugely popular predecessor, General Valery Zalozhny.

In 2014, he took command of Ukrainian forces fighting a Moscow-backed insurgency in the eastern Donetsk region, and was given the call sign “Snow Leopard.”

In 2019, he became commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces and led the country into war when Russia invaded in February 2022.

In the first months of the war, he was named “Hero of Ukraine”, the country’s highest honor, for his successful defense of Kiev.

Soviet training

In July 2022, Sersky planned and executed a lightning counterattack that pushed Russian forces away from the northern city of Kharkiv and reclaimed large swaths of territory to the east and southeast.

Two months later, Sirsky was credited with organizing the counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region, which was the most important Ukrainian victory of the war and enabled Kiev to reclaim the cities of Kubyansk and Izyum from the Russians.

He also commanded Operation Bakhmut, which was the longest and bloodiest of the war and was criticized for the heavy casualties suffered by Ukrainian forces. The tactic of pinning Russian forces in a non-strategically important salt mining town in eastern Ukraine has also exhausted Russian forces and resources, weakening their ability to make significant breakthroughs elsewhere.

Some military analysts believe that his battlefield tactics reflect his hierarchical Soviet training.

His successes on the front lines earned him the support of his soldiers, who have been fighting fierce battles for two years. He says his priority is the morale of his soldiers, whom he films and visits regularly on the front.

But as victories turned to attrition in the war, Sersky had to oversee the most difficult phase of the conflict, which enters its third year this month. A shortage of ammunition and fresh personnel threatens to weaken the Ukrainian lines as the Russians look to advance.

On the other hand, the main goal of Ukrainian forces this winter has been to preserve the territory they control, while freezing much-needed US military aid in Congress.

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