White House spokesman: Trump’s comments on Russia and NATO are “appalling and disturbing.”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House on Saturday rejected statements made by the former US president Donald Trump She described Trump’s comments about not protecting NATO allies from a possible invasion by Russia as “appalling and disturbing.”

“One of the presidents of a great nation stood up and said, ‘Okay, sir, if we don’t pay up, and we get attacked by us,'” Trump, appearing to recount a meeting with NATO leaders, told a political rally in South Carolina on Saturday. Russia – Will you protect us?

I said: Why did you pay? Are you late on your payments? He said: Yes, suppose that happened. No, I won’t protect you, in fact I will encourage them to do whatever they want. You have to pay.”

Asked about Trump’s comments, White House spokesman Andrew Bates said: “Encouraging murderous regime invasions of our closest allies is horrific and disruptive — and puts America’s national security, global stability, and our economy at home at risk.”

(Reporting by Mike Stone in Washington; Editing by Tom Hogue)

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