White House national security spokesman John Kirby is getting an expanded role in the Biden administration

WASHINGTON (AP) — John Kirby, president Joe BidenThe US national security spokesman is getting an expanded role in the White House, according to a US official.

The official said Sunday that Kirby will have a new title, White House National Security Communications Advisor, and will be named assistant to the president. The official was not authorized to talk about the appointment that had not been announced publicly, and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Reuters was the first to report details of the expanded role.

Kirby He came to the White House in 2022 as the National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator Not long ago, Karine Jean-Pierre was appointed White House Press Secretary, following the departure of former Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Previously, the National Security Council had no one in such a role.

The official said he would run a team separate from the national security press team that would coordinate information across agencies.

Kirby is a retired US Navy admiral who has been prized within the administration for publicly handling thorny foreign policy issues with ease. He also served as chief spokesman for the Pentagon and State Department during the Obama administration. Under Biden, Kirby A Regular game in the White House press briefing room. He will continue to be present at media briefings.

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