US officials confirm that a Patriot missile shot down the Il-76

A US-made Patriot missile system was likely responsible for the crash of the Russian Il-76, US officials said anonymously. Tell New York times. Officials stated that the plane was likely carrying at least some Ukrainian prisoners.

Russian military transport aircraft Il-76 has crashed In the country’s Belgorod region on January 24, killing all on board.

The cause of the accident is unclear, as Russia claimed that the Ukrainian military shot down the plane while it was carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war. Kyiv has student An international investigation into the incident.

Ukrainian Military Intelligence Agency Not confirmed Whether prisoners were on board the plane has not commented on the cause of the plane crash.

Ukrainian officials revealed that a prisoner exchange was planned that day.

Ukrainian military sources told Ukrainska Pravda that the plane was carrying S-300 missilesWhich Russia regularly uses to strike the Kharkiv region.

The Patriot air defense system is a critical component of protection Ukrainian airspace from Russian missile attacks.

Although US officials could not confirm the identity of who was on board, sources told the New York Times that it seemed likely that at least some of the passengers were Ukrainian prisoners.

The New York Times reported that US officials would not comment publicly on the cause of the plane crash. According to the news outlet, the officials, who spoke privately on the condition of anonymity, said the Patriot missiles were in fact.

After Russia claimed that 65 Ukrainian POWs were killed in the incident, Ukraine asked Russia to repatriate the bodies of the dead POWs.

The Russian government never responded to this call. It was also reported that Russia Forbidden The International Committee of the Red Cross was able to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

Officials reported that Ukraine likely acted on weak intelligence because the plane had previously been used to transport missiles, making it a valuable target for the Ukrainian military.

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