Tucker Carlson defends Putin, says ‘leadership requires killing’

Tucker Carlson He had a strange defense of Russian President Vladimir Putin In his first interview since interviewing the Russian autocrat, he said: “Every leader kills people, and leadership requires killing.”

Carlson’s statements came during the 2024 World Government Summit in Dubai, where he was interviewed by Egyptian journalist Emad El-Din Adeeb.

Adeeb asked Carlson why he neglected to ask Putin about pressing topics such as the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. “I won’t lecture you,” Adeeb said, “but you have to challenge some ideas.” “You did not talk about freedom of expression, and you did not talk about Navalny…”

Carlson responded that other journalists had already asked Putin such questions, adding, essentially, that it was not news that Putin had ordered strikes on his enemies. “Every leader kills people, and leadership requires killing,” the former Fox News anchor said. (Carlson’s comments that “leading requires killing” appear about 17 minutes into the 26-minute clip.)

Although Carlson asked Putin about the possibility of his release Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovitch arrested During the interview that took place in Moscow, he told Adeeb that his main goal was to “allow Putin to speak” and “listen to his ideas.” Carlson said that presenting himself as the “good guy” in front of the “bad guy” under Putin “is not going to be productive.”

When Adeeb asked about Carlson’s response to the criticism directed at him during his interview with Putin, Carlson replied: “I don’t like the Internet and I did not see any of the reactions.” Adeeb specifically asked if Carlson had heard Hillary Clinton’s summation that he had proven to be a “useful idiot” for the Russian dictator, and he claimed he had not.

“She’s a child, and I don’t listen to her,” he said of the former Secretary of State.

While Carlson insisted several times that he was “not criticizing Putin,” he praised Moscow for being better than any current American city. “Moscow is much more beautiful than any city in my country, cleaner, safer and more beautiful. I grew up in a country that had cities like Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Tokyo, and we no longer have these cities.”

In denouncing the “filth and graffiti” found in American cities and people “begging for drugs” in London, Carlson seemed to say that if he were in charge, such things wouldn’t happen: “My kids don’t smoke marijuana in the house.” The breakfast table because I don’t allow them.”

Carlson also has a long history of support Pro-Putin and pro-Russian talking points In issues such as Unjustified Invade Ukraine or US-Russian relationsand criticize Putin’s enemies And people were arrested Imprisoned by Russia.

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