The United States is striking targets in Iraq and Syria in response to a deadly drone attack in Jordan, officials said

The US military launched an air attack on dozens of sites in Iraq and Syria used by Iranian-backed militias on Friday, in the first retaliation for Friday’s drone strike. Three American soldiers were killed in Jordan last weekendOfficials told the Associated Press.

It was President Joe Biden and other top American leaders A warning for several days that the United States would respond On the militias, they explained that this would not be just a single strike, but would be a “gradual response” over time. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss military operations that have not yet been announced.

The initial strikes by manned and unmanned aircraft hit command and control headquarters, ammunition storage and other facilities, and came just hours after Biden and senior defense leaders joined grieving families to watch the remains of the three Army reservists be returned to the United States in Dover. Air Force Base in Delaware.

It was not clear what the next steps were, or whether days of US warnings had pushed militia members into hiding, making it more difficult for the United States to detect and strike them. But it was clear that a recent statement by Kataib Hezbollah, one of the main Iranian-backed militias, that it would suspend attacks on US forces, had no impact on the administration’s plans to respond.

It also appears that the US strikes did not go so far as to directly target Iran or the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard. Iran denied being behind the attack on Jordan.

watched A drone attack and an American pledge to respond threatens to spark a broader conflict in the Middle East

A drone strike targets US forces and threatens a broader conflict in the Middle East

Three soldiers were killed in an overnight drone strike targeting US forces near the Syrian border. President Joe Biden has vowed to respond, raising fears of escalating conflict in the Middle East.

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