The United Nations Food Organization says people are “dying of hunger” in Sudan Hunger News

The World Food Program called on the warring parties in Sudan to provide immediate security guarantees for the delivery of aid.

The United Nations food agency said it was receiving reports of people dying of hunger in Sudan, and that the number of hungry people had doubled over the past year as civilians were deprived of aid due to the ongoing war.

“The situation in Sudan today is nothing short of catastrophic,” said Eddie Roux, WFP Representative and Country Director in Sudan.

“Millions of people have been affected by the conflict. The World Food Program has food in Sudan, but lack of humanitarian access and other unnecessary obstacles are slowing down operations,” he added in a statement on Friday.

He added, “Life-saving aid is not reaching those who need it most, and we are already receiving reports of people dying of hunger.”

Since the war in Sudan began in April, nearly 18 million people across the country are facing acute hunger, with more than five million suffering from emergency levels of hunger in areas most affected by the conflict.

The World Food Program called on Sudan’s warring factions – the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces – to provide immediate guarantees for the unhindered delivery of relief.

“People are really struggling to afford a basic meal a day. Those with the highest levels of hunger are resorting to extreme coping mechanisms to put food on their plates,” Leni Kinzley, head of communications for WFP Sudan, told Al Jazeera from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Including selling everything they own.”

“The biggest challenge actually is that we are unable to provide assistance across conflict lines. We do not get security guarantees and approvals to move goods freely,” she added.

Limited aid deliveries

The World Food Program was able to provide assistance to only one in 10 people in conflict areas, which include Khartoum, the western region of Darfur and Gezira State, where the Rapid Support Forces recently advanced.

The agency added in a statement that it is trying to obtain security guarantees to resume operations on the island, which was previously an aid center to which many fled from Khartoum.

The World Food Program said that aid deliveries in Sudan have been limited recently because 70 trucks have been stuck in Port Sudan for more than two weeks and another 31 have been stuck in El Obeid for more than three months. The army controls both cities.

Kinzli said: “For every truck we want to transport from the port of Sudan to another place, we need to obtain stamps and signatures from the various authorities, and this takes time until those permits are granted,” calling on the international community to support the people of Sudan and motivate political parties to ensure facilitating the arrival of aid. To the country.

“Every one of our trucks has to be on the road every day delivering food to the Sudanese people,” Rowe stressed.

The World Food Program said that the number of hungry people in Sudan has more than doubled what it was a year ago. Nine months of bloody war, roughly Eight million people The United Nations said refugees were also forced to leave their homes.

Efforts to negotiate an end to the fighting in Sudan have not yielded any progress so far.

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