The trailblazing woman shared a new update on her journey to lose 60 pounds

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  • Ray Drummond, 55 years old She shared new details about how her weight loss journey will go in 2024.

  • The pioneering woman lost nearly 60 pounds in 2021 by following 10 specific strategies.

  • Rey focused her weight loss goals on feeling better and having more energy.

Here’s what happens on the farm: ray drummond, The “Pioneer Woman” has been very open about the weight-loss journey she began in 2021, which resulted in her losing about 60 pounds. In October 2023, she gave a major update on her health goals during an interview with today Explaining that she tried to maintain a realistic approach to losing weight, ignoring it diet programs, Intermittent fasting, or crash diets.

In 2021, the blogger said Entertainment tonight She said she had been thinking about getting back into shape for a while, and began her weight loss journey after she “hit rock bottom eating chips and ketchup one night”.

“I went a little further, but I thought that night, ‘I’m going to start tomorrow, and I’m going to do something different.’ I’m just starting out and I’ve lost about 60 pounds now,” she said. at.

For Rey, it wasn’t just about the number on the scale. “I feel good and that’s what matters,” she explained in 2022. “It was a barometer for me that I was going in the right direction. It was never about should I lose this amount, it was really about how I could lose this amount.” I feel.”

Ray, now 55 years old, said: today Years later, her biggest piece of advice was to try not to waste calories, something she admits she “don’t always stick to” these days. The cooking show presenter said she usually asks herself what will serve her body best before deciding what to eat.

“I can eat a plate of delicious food with different textures, colors and flavours, or I can eat a donut.” She jokingly explained that sometimes she’ll still choose a donut, “but it’s a good thing to keep in mind.”

Since losing the weight, Ree has given her followers insight into all the diet and lifestyle changes she made in the time that she still follows today. Here are the 10 tips and tricks that helped Ray Weight loss, Build muscle, see real results.

1. Rey maintained a calorie deficit.

Ree was honest when she told her readers this Diets like keto And Intermittent fasting It didn’t work for her. Instead, I kept A Calorie deficit This means “I expended more calories (through exercise and basic daily activity alone) than my body needed to maintain my weight at that time.”

Rhee said she used an online calculator to get a rough estimate of her daily calorie count and tried to reduce them every day. “I completely lost the calories I was consuming daily, so it was very helpful to be able to understand what I was looking at,” she wrote on her page. website.

All of this helped Rey get a better idea of ​​how much food her body needed. “Today, I eat all the foods I love, but my body is satisfied with a few,” she wrote.

2. She weighed her food.

Rey also used A Digital food scale To weigh everything you ate. “You really woke me up with the portions I used to eat!” I wrote. As she lost more weight and had a better idea of ​​portion sizes, Ree stopped relying on the scale.

“I still eat good food,” she said. “I ate less of it, counted calories more and made sure I ate things that provided more nutritional value for money.”

Looking back, Ree realizes that her dedication in the beginning helped set the tone for the rest of her weight loss journey. “I was glad I was so strict in that first phase, because it ended up being a nice crash course that prepared me to move forward. Starting with that discipline allowed me more freedom later in the process,” she explains.

3. She incorporated exercise into her daily routine

Ri also said that she has made exercise a part of her daily life. “I’ve learned that making time every day to exercise is a must,” she wrote. She stopped letting her busy schedule get in the way and instead focused on the small moments in her day when she could exercise, like walking her dogs.

“For the past few months, I’ve just chosen to miss a deadline or push work to the next day so I can get this exercise done. It was a simple mindset shift, but it was important!” She said.

Her favorite ways to move? Walking, using a rowing machine, and Pilates. “I exercised 6 days a week,” she said. “Sometimes twice a day (morning walk, evening row), sometimes just once.”

4. Rey focused her workouts on strength training.

One of Rey’s fitness goals included muscle, so she started building Strength training In your exercise routine. Ladd (her husband) helped her come up with a set of exercises that targeted Ree’s legs and butt.

“I had no strength in my lower body and my legs shook and gave up,” she said. “And I couldn’t walk for the first few days!” But now, after lunging, squatting, and deadlifting four days a week, Rey is seeing real improvement.

“It feels good (as someone who is not a spring chicken) to see and feel new muscles in my body,” she said.

Now, Rhee says discovering strength training has been one of the most important changes she’s made. “I can’t stress this enough: Building muscle — not just the small muscles in your arms, but the larger muscles in your legs and butt — will fuel your weight loss like no other and set you up for greater success.” Involved.

5. Ree added more protein to her diet.

Once she felt comfortable with her calorie deficit, Ree also began tracking the amount of it protein She was eating. “It turned out that on a typical day, I was eating about 15% to 20% of my calories from protein…so I adjusted and targeted my eating so that I was eating about 30% to 40% protein,” she wrote. .

Some of her new favorite high-protein foods are low-fat greek yogurt, Low-fat cheese, lean meat, fish, egg whites, and almonds.

6. The cookbook author also ate less sugar.

Ree wanted to get the most out of the foods she was eating. “Most days, I make choices that don’t involve a lot of sugar,” she said. “Over time, this actually led to a significant reduction in wasted calories.”

She still treated herself to a piece of cake every now and then, “but the piece of cake was the size of Rhode Island instead of the size of Texas.”

“Now, a year later, I eat almost all the foods I love, with two big differences: First, my portions are much more reasonable. Second, I still care about my daily allowances for both high-protein foods.” Foods and Foods with Wasted Calories , shares Rey.

“If I eat X calories today,” she continues, “do I want to burn 300 of those calories on a donut? Or do I instead want to spend 50 of it on a piece of goodness?” Dark chocolate To get treatment, then continue to eat things that have more nutritional content? Months later, I apply this thinking to all kinds of foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates and have no nutritional value.

7. Irrigate the alcohol completely.

That’s right: Rey dried out. Lists some reasons to stop drinking alcohol. She thought of alcohol as a bunch of empty calories and wanted to give her body a break from drinking while she ramped up her daily workouts.

“The bottom line is, I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in over four months,” she said. Now she still drinks occasionally, but avoids high-calorie cocktails.

“I avoided (and still avoid) anything sugary or containing real calories. Frozen drinks like daiquiris and margaritas, and sweet cocktails that include syrup and lots of fruit juice, are a no-no.”

“However, lemonade and lime are my friends when it comes to booze, and my favorite drinks are ranch water (clear tequila, lime juice, and sparkling water over ice) and white wine drink (a small amount of cold white wine, sparkling water, and lemon slices.)” , she adds.

8. She used an app to track her progress.

Rey also used Happy Scale, a Weight loss tracking app Shows you your progress towards your target weight. “He doesn’t tell you how “Weight loss, it doesn’t track calories or exercise or anything other than your daily weight,” she said.

She says Happy Scale was a big part of her motivation. “It’s not ideal if you only want to lose five or ten pounds, but since I have a bigger goal to achieve, this was the right kind of tool for me,” she wrote.

Today, Rey still steps on the scale daily. “My decision to weigh myself every day is not about fixating on every pound and ounce. I’ve just found that when the extra weight crept up over the years, it was when I chose not to weigh myself,” she wrote. . She still swears by Happy Scale, though: “It’s nice to see trends over time!”

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9. Rey switched to a standing desk.

As part of her plan to make exercise part of her daily routine, Ree created a program Standing desk. “The apparent amount of time I spent in front of the computer at my desk was shocking,” she said. “I knew that would translate into a lot of sitting, so I pulled an old desk out of our mudroom and put it squarely in our living room.”

She says the desk helped remind her to take more breaks and move around throughout the day. “It made a huge difference,” she said. Fun fact: Rey was writing another cookbook while losing weight.

10. She wanted to continue the new changes in her lifestyle.

Back in 2022, Ri said her journey won’t end anytime soon. “I will continue to evaluate myself every day to get all the information I need to move forward, but the number is not what I care about right now,” she said at the time.

“After last year’s experience, I’m feeling better. I have more energy. I’m more motivated to do projects and put things on the old calendar. The good feeling flows through all aspects,” Ree adds in her reflection. “It changed my life. It changed my outlook. But to come full circle…it didn’t change my life itself,” she says.

How will her weight loss go in 2024?

Years later, Rhee said she still tries to exercise regularly and add more protein and vegetables to her diet today.

It can be difficult to find herself constantly surrounded by delicious foods, but Ri said she made sure not to restrict herself too much, or put too much pressure on gym time.

“I think what I’ve done over the last couple of years is learn that I don’t want to push things away or say no to foods. I’ve upped my mobility a little bit. I walk the dogs every week. I make sure to get on the rowing machine at least once a day,” she explained in the interview. (BTW, she said Rowing machine It was her “favorite machine” to use for toning and building muscles.)

Her biggest piece of advice? “Just move around a little bit and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be good.”

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