The end of fear the television

A look at the fear of growing up in a doomsday cult and believing that the world could end any day now.

In the second part of the Apocalypse Maybe series, The End of Fear, people who were raised to believe in an impending apocalypse look back at their upbringing, and find some parallels in today’s increasingly unstable world.

Acclaimed author and professor Gerald Walker shares the story he told in his 2016 autobiography, World on Fire: A Black Childhood in a White Supremacist Doomsday Cult, while author and public relations professional Fleur Brown links past fears to the present day.

Some strands of apocalyptic beliefs are then unraveled with academic insight by James Tabor, retired professor of ancient Christian and Jewish origins at the University of North Carolina. He reassures viewers that such prophecies, past and present, have a 100 percent failure rate.

The End of the World Maybe is a documentary series that explores why, in light of successive global crises, many feel we may be living in the end times.

Theme Music: Try Again by Cam Kahin.

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