Salt Bae has been criticized for his “disgusting bragging” after celebrating a $108,000 steakhouse bill on Instagram. Has the appeal of the human salt shaker gotten old?

‘Money comes, money goes’: Salt Bae has come under fire for its ‘disgusting bragging’ after celebrating a $108,000 steakhouse bill on Instagram. Has the appeal of the human salt shaker gotten old?

Celebrity steak chef Salt Bae has been criticized for “bragged” about a $108,000 bill for a single meal at his steakhouse in Dubai.

“Money comes, money goes,” the 40-year-old Turkish butcher and restaurateur, whose real name is Nusret Gokce, posted on Twitter. Instagramalong with a video of the amazing bill.

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While Gokce – who became an internet sensation in 2017 for the delightful way he marinated steaks – was clearly happy to see the money flowing in, his Instagram post sparked a series of scathing comments.

“The disgusting thing is bragging,” one person replied. “Are we supposed to be impressed that you’re thinking about so little money? With everything going on in the world, it’s just disgusting.”

This isn’t the first time the human salt shaker has been called out for being out of touch with reality. Has his appeal gotten old?

Expensive, it’s “embarrassing”

The bill in question came from a group of four who paid a staggering AED 398,630 ($108,000) at Gökçe’s Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Dubai in late January.

The group ordered beef, fries, salad, golden baklava and fruit platters for a total of $1,496, an amount not far from the average monthly rent for an apartment in the United States, which now stands at $1,702, according to Rent cafe.

But those expenses pale in comparison to what they spent on Salt Bae’s signature gold-covered beef. The foursome ate three gold steaks for a total of $1,388, a filet mignon for $272, and a giant golden tomahawk steak for $1,361.

They also purchased four porn star martinis ($130), two bottles of 2009 Chateau Petrus ($53,906), one bottle of 2011 Petrus ($17,697) and five double glasses of exclusive Louis XIII cognac ($7,487), among drinks. Other.

To top it off, diners added a 22% tip, or about $24,500.

While one Instagram user responded to Gökçe’s boastful post: “Some people have more money than brains and that’s their business,” others took aim at the group’s lavish spending – and Nusr-Et’s exorbitant pricing – at a time when many countries are struggling High inflation And the cost of living crisis.

One user described it as “shameful, as millions of people suffer from hunger,” while another noted: “It would feed at least 100,000 hungry children around the world!” How embarrassing!”

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Will the meme king fall?

This isn’t the first time the King of Memes’ reign – and his antics at his 22 restaurants around the world – have been challenged.

In April 2023, Interested in trade He published a report on Gökçe, including a series of lawsuits and interviews with nine former employees from six of his restaurants.

“It looks golden from the outside,” a former waiter at Nusr-Et London restaurant told Business Insider. “But – from the inside.”

His former employees have made allegations of wage theft, discrimination, labor abuses, and fear mongering — which Gokce’s lawyer at the time, Christy Reuter, dismissed as “scurrilous and baseless allegations.”

Shortly after, in June 2023, Gokce was forced to close his Salt Bae Burger spin-off in Manhattan, which served $99 gold-flecked milkshakes and a $100 gold burger, wrapped in gold foil.

The pricey burger restaurant opened in late February 2020 — before New York City went into coronavirus lockdowns — and had a hard time launching when things reopened. This wasn’t helped by dismal reviews, incl One scathing review From Gothamist food writer Scott Lynch who named it the worst restaurant in town. “I had the unfortunate occasion a few weeks ago to eat several sad portions of hospital food, and everything I ate at Salt Bae was worse,” Lynch wrote, comparing the metal-framed menu to “a tombstone that seems to mark the death of all things pleasant.” . About eating.”

the New York Post Nusr-Et Steakhouse has also been called “Public Rip-off No. 1” for its wallet-draining prices and not-so-great dishes. Commenters on Gökçe’s recent Instagram post hinted at the absurd prices at Nuzr-Et too, with one saying: “The most overrated and overpriced restaurant,” while another wrote: “Imagine being that rich and spending everything you can on… Food not worth it.” “.

Some people might think it’s worth it for the cheerful showmanship that Salt Bae never fails to deliver — but you definitely want to think twice before giving up, for most people, an entire house down payment on one meal.

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