Russia and the West clash over Ukraine at a Security Council meeting before the war anniversary

United Nations (AFP) – Russia accused the West The United States and its allies were accused on Monday of sabotaging agreements that would have prevented war in Ukraine, but the United States and its allies placed the blame squarely on Moscow, saying there was no escape. President Vladimir Putin She ordered the invasion of her smaller neighbour.

Days before the second anniversary of Invasion of Russia On February 24, 2022, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia once again attributed the cause of the war to the failure to implement the 2015 Minsk agreements, which he blamed on Western-backed “Kiev sabotage.”

The agreements aim to resolve the conflict between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists, which broke out in April 2014 after… Annexation of Russia to Crimea Its support for the mostly Russian-speaking separatists Industrial East It’s called Donbass.

At a Security Council meeting on Monday called by Russia to mark the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Minsk peace plan brokered by France and Germany, Nebenzia described claims by Ukraine and Western countries that Russia had refused to implement the agreements as “absolutely baseless.”

Nebenzia said that if the Minsk agreements had been implemented, “the tragedy that occurred in Ukraine today would not have happened, a tragedy in which the United States and the West collectively collude as they try to achieve their geopolitical goals at Ukraine’s expense.” and the lives of its citizens.”

US Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood accused Russia of spreading “big myths and disinformation” in its efforts to rewrite history after it invaded a sovereign country in violation of the UN Charter.

“Moscow called us together today to express our regret for the same violence that it started, fueled, and continues to commit daily,” he said.

Wood told the council that Russia negotiated and signed the Minsk agreements but “ignored all the commitments it had made.”

The American envoy said: “Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine is simply defending its people, territorial integrity and freedom.”

Wood said Russia trained the separatist movement in eastern Ukraine to be a “proxy force to undermine Ukraine’s stability,” and said the war and Putin’s recognition of independence as allegedly independent entities “nullified the Minsk agreements completely and forever.”

Britain’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, James Kariuki, said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine showed the world that Putin “was never interested in peace.”

He accused Russia of exploiting the council meeting “in another attempt to distort history” and a desperate attempt to justify its “unjustified, unnecessary and illegal” invasion and ongoing war.

“We once again urge Russia to end its illegal invasion, withdraw from Ukraine, and respect the principles of the UN Charter,” Kariuki said, pledging that the UK would continue to stand by Ukraine and eliminate “Russian disinformation.”

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