Phil Spencer will address the Xbox cross-platform rumors on February 15

It was the Internet With rumors that Microsoft will start publishing first-party Xbox games on competing consoles. The company promised that it would soon share more details about its “vision for the future of Xbox” and it looks like it will be released on February 15. Phil Spencer To share “Updates on Xbox Business.”

The episode kicks off at 3pm ET and will also feature Sarah Bond, Head of Xbox, and Matt Botti, Head of Xbox Game Studios. These are three big names, so this could be a real catalyst for the podcast episode.

We don’t know what the team has in store, but there have been all kinds of rumors flooding the web Hi Fi Rush Coming to Nintendo Switch Starfield And Appears on PS5. It’s somewhat unusual for one of the Big Three to outsource first-party games to competing platforms, but it’s not unheard of. Sony puts many of its biggest games on Steam and there are already some former Xbox exclusives on Switch, e.g Ori and the Blind Forest And its sequel.

However, many fans have used these rumors to fuel wild speculation that Xbox is about to exit the console business entirely. This is unlikely, even if the Xbox Series The company held an internal meeting last week, and Spencer reportedly told employees that it has no plans to stop making consoles and that Xbox systems will remain a big part of its overall strategy.

Also, Game Pass is still a huge selling point for Xbox consoles, with a May 2023 survey Subscribe to the service. There was more This number has likely increased since then.

Microsoft isn’t exactly suffering, even when you take into account its gaming division. In fact, the company’s gaming revenues have skyrocketed This is primarily due to A recent earnings report indicated the company had revenues of $62 billion (up 18 percent from last year) and profits of $21.9 billion.

However, even with these numbers, Microsoft’s gaming division is still laying off people left and right. Company From the teams of Xbox, Activision Blizzard, and ZeniMax (aka Bethesda). If it’s looking for the constant growth that modern capitalism demands, dropping some of its most popular titles onto other consoles isn’t exactly the worst idea in the world. Anyway, we’ll find out on Thursday afternoon.

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