One man was killed and 4 Canadians were injured after a plane landed on a Mexican beach

A plane carrying four Canadian parachutists made an emergency landing on a beach in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca on Sunday, killing a 62-year-old man who was on the beach at the time, the Mexican state civil defense office said. .

The office said in a statement that the plane was forced to land on a populated part of Pacucho Beach in the famous Pacific resort of Puerto Escondido, adding that the victim’s wife, who was on the beach next to him, was unharmed.

Footage from Puerto Global showed the damaged plane on the beach, after it collided with what it said was a turtle rescue centre.

The Civil Defense statement did not provide further details about the landing operation or the identity of those involved, indicating that investigations are continuing. She added that no one else on the beach was injured.

Three people wearing camouflage clothing and helmets stand while two people in civilian clothes are shown sitting on a sandy beach beneath a structure providing shade.  One of the people sitting is wearing a backpack.
Mexican soldiers and police talk with wounded people lying on the sand Sunday on Pacucho Beach, Oaxaca state. (Porto Global/Reuters)

The statement added that the people on board the plane, including the four Canadian skydivers, aged between 35 and 60 years, and a 40-year-old Mexican man, were removed from the plane and taken to receive medical treatment, and that their condition is stable.

State Governor Salomon Jara said in a post on the X website that resources had been mobilized to help those injured on board the plane.

He added: “To the family of the deceased person, we will provide all necessary support and accompany them in facing their irreparable loss.”

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