Most satisfying cars to own in 2024: Corvette tops CR’s list

Asking a car owner how satisfied they are with the car often elicits an answer that is mostly about subjectivity – a lot of feeling and emotion – and money. But in Consumer Reportsthe formula for most satisfying car ownership is more straightforward, and boils down to one question: Would you do it? Buy that car Or SUV again?

Corvette Their companions say: Hell, yes.

Tops in 2024 Annual satisfaction survey (We’ve got you covered “Less satisfactory” vehicles in a separate post) is the unsurprising choice of Chevrolet Corvette 2024: 93 percent of owners said they would choose sports car once again.

What is somewhat surprising is the appearance of a pair of Rivian Electricity on the list: R1T The electric pickup, which was the second highest rated with 88 percent saying they would buy another vehicle, and R1S SUVs, ranking sixth with 84 percent. Rivian It ranked highly in the same poll last year.

The other full electric car in the top ten is Hyundai Ionic 6; 81 percent of those surveyed would choose it again. There are two Hybrids On the list too. But there is no Tesla – Surprisingly, given the brand’s historically high standing in CR ratings and surveys, it doesn’t ToyotaAlthough there is one Lexus.

As a tool for potential shoppers, the magazine says the Owner Satisfaction Survey — one of several automotive surveys the group conducts — “reinforces that models that deliver promised performance, efficiency, roominess, luxury, and/or comfort are owners who will readily buy again.” “

The most satisfying cars to own in 2024:

Here’s the full list, with the most satisfactory vehicle tops and percentages, with prices according to Consumer Reports:

chevrolet corvette, $68,000-$130,650, 93 percent
rivian r1t, $79,000-$94,000, 88 percent
Mazda MX-5$28,050-$38,950, 88 percent
Lexus NX hybrid$41,955-$57,805, 87 percent
BMW X5$65,000 – $122,300, 85 percent
Rivian R1S$84,000-$99,000, 84 percent
Ford Maverick hybrid pickup$23,815-$34,855, 83 percent
Kia Telluride$36,190-$53,385, 82 percent
honda pilot, $37,090-$52,480, 82 percent
hyundai ioniq 6, $37,500 – $53,650, 81 percent

The full survey results are here. A Consumer Reports membership is required for full access.

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