Kaitlan Collins laughs about why Republican Rep. won’t endorse Haley

representative. Chip Roy (R-Texas) had CNN Kaitlan Collins He laughed Monday about not endorsing the Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley.

Collins asked Roy who will now return as the GOP nominee in 2024 after his preferred candidate, Florida Gov. Roy. Ron DeSantissaved the race amid declining poll numbers.

Roy initially deflected from Collins’ question about whether he would prefer Haley or former President Donald Trump to face President Joe Biden in November, and said he would only support the Republican nominee.

“We will let this happen,” he continued. “But I don’t think Governor Haley, with all due respect, represents the conservatives that I represent when she shows up on SNL and she’s out, you know, kind of playing the establishment game and taking money from a bunch of establishment dollars.”

“Wait what?” Collins interrupted. “You’re not going to support her because she was on Saturday Night Live?”

Chip then appeared to partially retract his claim, replying, “No. No, because she had money from New York that she was using to target Ron DeSantis to the tune of $26 million in Iowa. So she made her bed. Let’s go see if she can do it.” “

Collins reminded Roy how Trump “spent a lot of money” against DeSantis as well.

Haley made a surprise appearance on “SNL” last weekend as a “concerned voter in South Carolina” who asked the fake Trump, who played him. James Austin JohnsonWhy Healy was not discussed.


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