Journalists, including an Al Jazeera correspondent, were injured in an Israeli bombing of Gaza News of the Israeli war on Gaza

Reporter Ismail Abu Omar and photographer Ahmed Matar were transferred to the European Hospital in serious condition.

Two journalists, one of whom was an Al Jazeera correspondent, were injured in an Israeli bombing north of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

The condition of Al Jazeera Arabic channel correspondent, Ismail Abu Omar, and his cameraman, Ahmed Matar, were described as serious, and they were transferred today, Tuesday, to the Gaza European Hospital in Khan Yunis to receive treatment.

Abu Omar’s right leg was amputated, but shrapnel remained in his head and chest. Doctors are trying to save his left leg. He is currently undergoing surgery after suffering significant blood loss as a result of a possible rupture of his femoral artery.

The two journalists were injured by an Israeli drone bombing in the Al-Miraj area, north of the city of Rafah.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Astal, an emergency physician at the Gaza European Hospital, said that Abu Omar’s life is at risk due to his serious injuries.

A screenshot from a video clip showing fellow photographer Ahmed Matar,
Ahmed Matar, who was accompanying Al Jazeera correspondent Ismail Abu Omar, in the hospital (Screengrab/Sanad)

Hani Mahmoud, Al Jazeera’s correspondent from Rafah, said: This is another tragedy that befalls journalists who are trying to cover it Israel’s war on Gaza.

“They were in the field documenting the living conditions of displaced Palestinian families in that particular area, and documenting the horror they experienced over the past 24 hours when massive air strikes targeted key parts of the city of Rafah, where there were nearly 100 people,” he said. “People were killed.” “.

“They were directly targeted by a missile fired by a drone.”

The government media office in Gaza denounced “the targeting of the Al Jazeera channel crew for the fifth time,” in an attack it said was “deliberate.”

She added that this targeting comes within the framework of intimidating journalists to prevent media coverage of the military attack on Gaza.

At least 126 journalists have been killed in Gaza since October 7, while 10 journalists have been arrested, according to government figures.

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