Jessica Simpson has posted a milk ad, much to the annoyance of some fans. This is why there’s been so much drama around dairy products lately.

Jessica Simpson He faces backlash after posting an ad on Instagram in support of…You will need milk“- An updated version of the famous dairy industry”Do I have milk?” campaign. the advertisement, which the pop star posted online earlier this week, is simple: It shows Simpson standing in the kitchen wearing a white tank top and black pants, holding a glass of milk and staring into the camera. She wrote in the caption: “Milk… is good for the body.”

Many commentators disagreed. One person wrote: “Not really! Milk is the worst drink humans can drink.” Another said: “Milk is actually very bad for our bodies, very bad campaign.” Simpson has not responded publicly to the backlash that followed the criticism Hailey Bieber He received last May after the fashion show “Got Milk?” T-shirt on Instagram.

What is it all about? Dairy products have come under a lot of criticism lately, whether it’s traditional dairy products or plant-based versions. Dunkin’ Donuts faces A $5 million class action lawsuit Excessive charging of surcharges for non-dairy milk, and Oat milk It is now under fire over claims that it can cause a spike in blood sugar.

The negativity surrounding the singer’s campaign and dairy products in general raises many questions about milk and its impact on health. Here’s what the experts say.

Do you need milk as an adult?

Experts agree that you don’t need to drink milk as an adult. “Humans don’t need to drink cow’s milk at all,” he says. Dr. Deborah Cohen, professor of clinical nutrition at Rutgers University, told Yahoo News. “The reason so many people have historically consumed cow’s milk and why most health care professionals have traditionally recommended cow’s milk is that cow’s milk is a good source—and a highly bioavailable source—of both calcium and vitamin D.” (Bioavailability means how well nutrients are absorbed into the body.)

Besides yogurt and cheese, other sources of these nutrients aren’t as powerful, Cohen says.

nutrition specialist Karen Anselauthor Calendar diesR, Approves. “Although adults don’t need milk, there are plenty of good reasons to drink it,” she told Yahoo Life. “Milk contains one of the highest quality forms of protein, which means your body can use more of the protein for functions like building muscle, hormones, and antibodies. It’s so powerful that one of its main proteins, whey, is used specifically to make protein powder.”

But while cow’s milk is full of nutrients, “it’s possible to get those nutrients from other sources,” says Jessica Cording, nutritionist and author of The Little Book of Game Changers: 50 Healthy Habits for Managing Stress and Anxiety“, she says to Yahoo Life. “Technically, a person does not need to consume milk to meet their nutritional needs,” she adds.

“You can definitely get these nutrients elsewhere.” With Catherine PallantA nutritionist and assistant professor at the University of Buffalo tells Yahoo Life.

There is a wide range of Plant milk Cohen says other fortified foods on the market make it unnecessary for people to rely on cow’s milk.

Is there any harm in eating milk?

Dairy milk is becoming less popular in the United States. In 2022, become members Generation Z Bought 20% less milk than the national average, according to New York times.

But calling milk “the worst drink a person can drink” is a bold claim, and experts say this is an exaggeration. “More and more people are becoming interested in Vegetarian diet “And a vegetarian diet, which means consuming less cow’s milk,” Cohen says. Some concern and confusion about the role of dairy In cardiovascular disease, cancer, and obesity, but there is no good evidence to support the relationship between low-fat dairy and any of these claims.

Cohen also points to concerns about cows contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, as well as ethical concerns about cows producing milk for long periods of time.

Cording says she finds the backlash against milk “amazing,” adding that “milk really upsets people — it’s very polarizing.” There are some cases in which a person may not feel comfortable consuming milk, such as: Lactose intolerance Or a milk allergy, Cording says. But, for the average adult, she says there’s no harm in having a cup when you want.

Whether or not to have plant-based milk is “very individual,” says Cording. “Just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthy,” she says, noting that these products tend to be high in sugar. If you prefer to use plant-based milk, Cording recommends checking the label to see how much sugar it contains, as well as whether it’s fortified with nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and protein.

“Plant-based milk is a great alternative for people who want to drink milk or use milk in cereal and baking, but are vegan,” she says. “There is currently a wide range of plant-based milks including soy, almond, oat, hemp, cashew, coconut, rice, macadamia and pea.”

But if you want to pour yourself a glass of standard cow’s milk, experts say there’s no reason not to.

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