Jesse Watters criticizes Joe Biden over his mental fitness — and then karma hits

Fox News Hosts Jesse Watters He made a huge mistake after part of Kamel interrogated the president Atmosphere BidenThursday specialty. (Watch the video below.)

The conservative news channel was covering Biden’s defiant press conference after the Justice Department decided not to prosecute him on charges of storing secret documents.

Special counsel Robert Hoare had determined in a ruling that Biden was “A well-meaning old man with a weak memory“, raising further concerns about the president’s acuity at age 81 and providing further support for the GOP opposition.

But Watters, 45, had his own “breakthrough moment.”

After showcasing the likes of Kayleigh McEnany, Stephen Miller and Dana Perino to pile on the president, Watters welcomed another guest.

“Governor of South Carolina Kristi Noem “Join us now,” he said. Noem, of course, is the Donald Trump-loving governor of South Dakota.

Viewers wrote that Watters was due a little karma (and maybe a dose of). Prevagen?).

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