“It’s the ultimate revenge”: Sask. The animal shelter launches the “Neuter Your Ex” fundraiser.

A Saskatchewan animal shelter, which raises money to spay and neuter cats, is offering some furry revenge to piss off ex-husbands.

The Humboldt & District SPCA is trying to raise money with a Valentine’s Day campaign called “Neutralize Your Ex.”

Oh my god…there are a ton of stray cats roaming all over the city.– Janice Weber

The post, shared on the organization’s Facebook page, says that for every $50 donation, the nonprofit will name a cat after a former partner of the person’s choice.

“It’s the ultimate revenge” and will help “heal your broken heart,” the ad says.

Person holding a black and white cat.
The Humboldt & District SPCA launched a “Neuter Your Ex” campaign for Valentine’s Day to raise money for cat spaying and neutering. (Humboldt SPCA)

“The Humboldt & District SPCA will name a cat after your ex and that’s right…neuter or spay her! Because some things shouldn’t breed,” says the post on the Humboldt SPCA’s Facebook page.

The post received more than 600 likes within the first 24 hours of its publication.

watched| You can name a cat after your ex and castrate it:

You can name a cat after your ex and neuter it

A Saskatchewan animal shelter that raises money to spay and neuter cats is taking a different approach to fundraising ahead of Valentine’s Day. The Humboldt SPCA is holding a fundraiser to “Neuter Your Ex.” For every $50, they will name a cat after the donor’s former partner.

Cats were rampant in Humboldt, according to the nonprofit’s president, Janice Weber.

“Oh my gosh, there’s a lot of stray cats, the ones that come (from) fall-off truck engines, there’s an awful lot of stray cats roaming all over the city,” Weber said.

“I’m actually feeding some at my house now.”

Weber said the idea came from social media posts about shelters in the United States that were running similar campaigns. Less than 24 hours after the Humboldt SPCA posted about it, the Moose Jaw Humane Society jumped on the bandwagon.

It seems that the idea began south of the border. An animal shelter in New Jersey launched its campaign in late January, and the Humane Society of Southwest Washington followed suit last week. If you donate to the San Antonio Zoo, you will name a cockroach after your ex and feed it to an animal.

The Humboldt location is full of cats right now, according to Weber.

She says it can help speed up the adoption process when the animals are already fixed.

There are currently about 36 cats at the center, of which 19 need to be spayed or neutered.

Weber said money from the campaign will help pay for the procedures — which could end up being upwards of $200 for a female cat.

Experts say the campaign could be a winner

Katie Lafrenière, an assistant professor at the University of Alberta’s College of Business, researches swear words and taboo topics in advertising and marketing.

“These kind of ads, shock ads, they’re intentionally trying to break the rules, so the point is to cross that line, and of course you don’t want to cross it completely,” Lafrenière said.

“It creates that surprise and it enables people to spend more time actually paying attention to the ad and the message they’re trying to get across.”

While the logo dances on the line, it does not go away, according to Lafrenière.

“I think they would have been successful, whether they said spay your ex-wife or castrate her. I think neutering is a more common term,” she said.

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