Israel bombs Rafah and says two prisoners have been released News of the Israeli war on Gaza

The air strikes come as Palestinians in Rafah prepare for an attack that relief agencies fear will cause heavy casualties.

Israel launched air strikes on the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, killing dozens, according to health officials, as Palestinians prepare for a major attack on the densely populated city.

There were conflicting reports about the death toll following the pre-dawn raids on Monday.

The French news agency reported that the raids killed 52 people, while Reuters reported that 37 people were killed. Both perpetrators cited health officials in Gaza.

Israeli raids hit 14 homes and three mosques in Rafah, according to Palestinian officials.

The Israeli army said that it struck a number of “terrorist targets” in the Shaboura area in Rafah, and that the strikes had ended.

The Israeli army also said it rescued two prisoners held by Hamas during a night operation in Rafah.

Military officials said the two hostages, Fernando Simon Marman and Luis Harr, were in good condition.

Hamas warned that any Israeli ground attack in Rafah would “blow up” the negotiations aimed at releasing the movement’s remaining prisoners in Gaza.

The raids on Rafah come as Israel prepares to launch a major attack that relief agencies fear will lead to heavy civilian casualties in the last relatively safe area in Gaza.

About 1.4 million Palestinians, more than half of Gaza’s population, gathered in Rafah to escape the Israeli bombing, which turned most of what remained of the Strip into rubble.

US President Joe Biden on Sunday warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against launching an attack on Rafah without a “credible and implementable plan” to ensure the safety of people taking shelter in the city.

Netanyahu promised to provide “safe passage” for Palestinians in Rafah, but there has been a lack of clarity on evacuation plans. Raised concerns They may be pushed into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, raising tensions with Cairo.

On Sunday, Netanyahu told Fox News that “there is a large area” north of Rafah and that is “where we will direct them,” without specifying which part of Gaza would be safe to evacuate to.

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