Imran Khan: Run out? | Omran Khan

With exclusive access, we take a look at the events that marginalized Imran Khan and his party in the Pakistani elections.

“It’s not a movement. It’s like a tsunami that will sweep the country,” Imran Khan told People & Power when we started shooting with him in 2010.

Director Karim Shah was holding the camera that day and knew Khan wasn’t talking about conventional politics. Khan believes that something radical is needed to change Pakistan. More than a decade later, the former cricket star won the prime ministership of Pakistan, was removed from power, and even took a bullet.

Amid allegations of corruption and other wrongdoing, Khan spoke to People & Power as we began following him on a fourth film before he was jailed in August last year. His party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, has been accused of inciting violent protests and has faced a harsh crackdown. Khan has been sentenced in several criminal cases, and his party symbol has been kept off the ballot in the long-awaited national election. Is this the end of his political movement?

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