Gare de Lyon attack: 3 injured in knife and hammer attack at Paris train station | Crime news

The attacker, armed with a knife and hammer, injured three people; Police say the suspect “appears to be suffering from psychological problems.”

A man armed with a knife and hammer has been arrested after wounding three people in an attack at Paris’s main Gare de Lyon train station.

Authorities said the suspect, who carried residency papers from Italy and medication indicating he was undergoing treatment, was quickly detained after the attack, which occurred at 7:35 a.m. (06:35 GMT) on Saturday.

“This person appears to be suffering from psychological problems,” said Laurent Nunez, the Paris police chief who is also responsible for the massive security operation for the Summer Olympics, scheduled to be held in the French capital in less than six months.

Nunez stressed that the police investigation is still in its early stages, saying: “There are no elements that lead us to believe that this may be a terrorist act.”

The suspect attacked bystanders with a hammer and knife, leaving one person injured and two others with minor injuries, Nunez said. He added that a fourth person suffered severe shock and could also be considered to have minor injuries. He added that the seriously injured person is undergoing surgery.

Police said passers-by subdued the attacker before railway police arrived at the scene.

“Thank you to those who overcame the man who carried out this intolerable act,” Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Channel X.

The Paris prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the attack and said investigators were analyzing the knife and hammer.

Gare de Lyon is the largest major hub in France, with more than 100 million passengers passing through it annually.

Rail company SNCF said the area between halls one and three was temporarily inaccessible, adding that services to the Paris region had been delayed due to “an act with criminal intent.”

The Olympics are scheduled to open with a huge outdoor ceremony along the Seine River on July 26, a major security challenge in a city that has repeatedly been subjected to attacks, most notably in 2015.

Most recently, a man targeted passers-by near the Eiffel Tower in December, killing a German tourist with a knife and wounding two others.

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