Gallagher says he won’t run for Congress again after refusing to fire the Homeland Security secretary

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher, the key Republican congressman who has led the House’s pushback against the Chinese government, announced Saturday that he will not seek a fifth term. This announcement comes just days after he angered his Republican colleagues He rejected the accusation Homeland Security Secretary Alexander Mayorkas.

The GOP had been looking to oust Mayorkas as a way to punish the Biden administration over its handling of the U.S.-Mexico border. The vote to impeach Trump in the House of Representatives on Tuesday was delayed by only one vote. Gallagher was one of three Republicans who opposed impeachment. His fellow Republicans surrounded him on the House floor in an attempt to change his mind, but he refused to change his vote.

Record numbers of people have arrived at the southern border as they flee countries around the world. Many of them seek asylum and end up in American cities that are unwilling to provide for their needs while they await court proceedings. This issue represents a strong line of attack for Donald Trump as he works to defeat President Joe Biden In the November elections.

Impeachment would not prevent migrants from crossing the border and would set a precedent that could be used against future Republican administrations, Gallagher wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed published after the vote. But the failure of the vote to impeach Trump was a major setback for the Republican Party. Wisconsin Republicans began weighing this week whether Gallagher should face a primary challenger.

Gallagher did not mention the vote on impeachment in a statement announcing his retirement, saying only that he did not want to grow old in Washington.

“The Framers intended for citizens to serve in Congress for a season and then return to their private lives,” Gallagher said. “Electoral politics was never meant to be a career, and trust me, Congress is not the place to grow old. So, with a heavy heart, I have decided not to run for re-election.”

Tell Milwaukee Journal Sentinel The backlash to the impeachment vote did not play a role in his decision.

“I feel like, frankly, people understand that, and they can accept the fact that they don’t have to agree with you 100%,” he told the newspaper, adding later in the interview: “The news cycle is so short that I don’t think these things last.

Voicemail messages left by The Associated Press at his offices in Washington and Wisconsin on Saturday were not immediately returned.

Gallagher, a former Marine who grew up in Green Bay, has represented northeastern Wisconsin in Congress since 2017. He spent the past year leading a group A new House committee dedicated to confronting China. During the committee’s first hearing, he framed the competition between the United States and China as “an existential struggle over what life might look like in the 21st century.”

Tensions between the two countries have been high for years, with both sides imposing tariffs on imports during Trump’s presidency. China’s ambiguous response to COVID-19, aggression toward Taiwan, and the discovery of a potential spy balloon floating across the United States last year have only intensified lawmakers’ intent to do more to block the Chinese government.

With Chinese officials Criticize In the committee, accusing its members of bias and maintaining a Cold War mentality.

Gallagher has been one of the most prominent Republicans considering a run for U.S. Senate this year against incumbent Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin. But it is She abandoned the idea in June. He said at the time that he wanted to focus on confronting China through the committee, and that he intended to run for a fifth term in the House of Representatives.

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