Foreign outlets do not criticize Biden’s “confusion” and “anger” after surprise press conference

President Biden is being criticized on the global stage after he defended his mental clarity in a surprise press conference while confusing the leaders of Mexico and Egypt. International addresses appear.

A headline in The Australian read: “Joe Biden’s biggest confusion: Rage of old man with failing memory leads the free world.”

Biden held a press conference on Thursday evening, where he answered media questions about him Mental clarity and memory, And a lifetime after Special Counsel Robert Hoare’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents. Amid Biden’s defense of his mental state, he confused Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi with the “President of Mexico,” which raised concern in the United States and abroad.

The British newspaper The Mirror reported, “Biden responds to allegations of amnesia with a fiery speech before making another blatant gaffe.”

Conservatives rip Biden after investigation didn’t point him to secret documents, citing ‘frail memory’: ’25th Amendment’

President Joe BidenPresident Joe Biden

During a series of fundraisers chaired by President Joe Biden in New York City, pro-Palestinian demonstrators said Biden represented a “danger” for supporting Israel’s war in Gaza.

Hoare conducted a months-long investigation into Biden’s possession of classified documents, and ultimately decided not to bring criminal charges against the president.

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“We conclude that no criminal charges are warranted in this matter,” the report released Thursday said. He added: “We would reach the same conclusion even if the Department of Justice’s policy did not prevent criminal charges against a sitting president.”

the As the special counsel described Biden Described as a “sympathetic, well-meaning old man with a weak memory,” the president later that day held a press conference to address concerns surrounding his mental clarity.

In the United States, conservative lawmakers and pundits criticized the president for his press conference gaffes and expressed concern about his leadership of the nation.

“Let me get this straight,” Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, asked. “Biden is too cognitively impaired to be charged with a crime, but he’s not too cognitively impaired to be commander-in-chief?”

The popular conservative account “End Wokeness” noted, “The Biden Justice Department is not charging Joe Biden, because he is too mentally ill to be held accountable for his crimes. Yes, that is their defense. This is the guy with the nuclear codes.”

Internationally, the media criticized Biden at the press conference and the findings of the Hoare report.

‘Biden looks like the danger,’ says a liberal protester outside the president’s elite fundraiser in New York City.

The Canadian newspaper “National Post” reported that “Biden’s attempt to defend his memory came with a new mistake after the report of secret documents.”

The Hoare report concluded that Biden had a “foggy” memory of when he was previously in office and when his son Beau died, and that he appeared to become visibly angry during the news conference when asked about his son.

“In his interview with our office, Mr. Biden’s memory was worse,” the report said. ‘He did not remember when he had been Vice President, he forgot on the first day of the interview when his term ended (“If it was 2013 – when did you stop being Vice President?”), and he forgot on the second day of the interview ‘when his term began (‘ In 2009, are you still Vice President?’)

Split photo at President Joe Biden's press conferenceSplit photo at President Joe Biden's press conference

President Joe Biden holds a press conference in response to Special Counsel Robert Hoare’s description of his age and memory.

“He did not remember, even in so many years, When his son Bo diedThe report continued. “His memory seemed hazy as he described the Afghanistan debate that was once so important to him. Among other things, he incorrectly said he had a ‘genuine difference’ of opinion with General Carl Eikenberry, when in fact Eikenberry was a martyred ally.” Mr. Biden praised it approvingly in his Thanksgiving note to President Obama.

Biden attacks reporters asking about age concerns after special counsel report: ‘That’s your judgment!’

International newspaper headlines also covered Hoare’s report, noting that the president does not remember when his son died.

“Special advisor says Biden is an elderly man with a weak memory, who cannot remember when his son died,” Fars News Agency, an Iranian government news outlet, said in a lead article.

Biden raged at Attorney General Hoare: “Is my memory bad? I know what the hell I’m doing.” “The Case for Disability Removal Under the 25th Amendment,” Italian outlet La Stampa wrote in a headline translated into English.

“Biden faces serious doubts about his health Nine months before the presidential election“, French outlet address Le Monde piece.

The British newspaper The Sun wrote: “Forget it, Joe Biden, 81, is evading trial because he kept secret documents due to poor memory.”

Fox News Digital reached out to the White House for comment on the international headlines but did not immediately receive a response.

Joseph A. contributed to this report. Wolfson and Lindsay Cornick of Fox News Digital.

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