Does the Arab-American vote affect Biden’s re-election chances? | TV show

President Joe Biden’s position on Gaza has angered many of the people who elected him, especially Arab Americans. Could they ruin his re-election chances?

United States President Joe Biden’s unconditional support for Israel’s attack on Gaza alienated many voters who helped elect him in 2020, especially young voters and Arab and Muslim American communities. Some of these supporters have begun organizing in key swing states to oppose what they call “Joe’s genocide” reelection under the slogan “Abandon Biden.” Based on the polls, it looks like they might succeed but they will have to face the prospect of another Donald Trump presidency if they achieve their goals.

Presented by: Anneliese Borges

Saba Saeed – Palestinian-American activist
Tamara Nasser – Palestine Liberation Organization Charleston
Amer Zahr – Palestinian-American activist and comedian

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