‘Diminished abilities’, ‘defective memory’, ‘significant limitations’: a damning report on Biden’s mental state

A startling report has made it extremely difficult for US President Joe Biden to allay concerns about his age as he seeks re-election.

The special counsel’s report was released Thursday The 81-year-old president is portrayed as suffering from mental decline. He points to several examples of interviews Biden conducted with investigators, which lasted for hours.

Among them are Biden’s difficulty remembering the years he spent as vice president, and his frequent distancing when discussing the year of his son’s death.

This report came amid unpleasant headlines that the president has referenced, several times, in recent conversations with long-dead world leaders.

One clear silver lining in the 345-page report is that special counsel Robert Hoare declined to press charges against Biden Incorrectly storing confidential documents In three locations.

She criticized Biden for deliberately and incorrectly keeping some documents. But she said others were accidentally mistreated. The report also credits Biden’s behavior as being cooperative with investigators, and compares it to Donald Trump’s actions in a similar case.

Man speaking into microphones
Special Counsel Robert Hoare, seen here in 2019, was appointed by US Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate Biden’s handling of the documents. (Michael A. McCoy/Reuters)

So Biden was legally acquitted. But it destroyed him politically. The report shocked Biden in a sensitive area, as voters’ doubts about his age and ability pose a serious threat to his chances of re-election.

Several reasons were given for not indicting Biden. One was interesting: Biden’s long record of public service. Another reason was unfortunate: Biden’s apparent memory lapses would make it difficult to convict him.

The report said Biden showed “diminished abilities and faulty memory.”

His memory appears to be “suffering from significant limitations.”

She also said those lapses were evident not only in interviews with investigators last year, but also in 2017 taped interviews Biden conducted for his ghost book.

The report says Biden had difficulty remembering his years as vice president: “If it was 2013, when did you stop serving as vice president?” He was quoted as saying during an interview last fall. He left the vice president position in 2016.

Boxes in a garage with a ladder nearby
Documents appear improperly stored in Biden’s Delaware garage on December 21, 2022. (US Department of Justice)

The report also says: “He did not remember, even for several years, when his son Beau died,” which was in 2015.

She also says his memory seemed “foggy” when he described a discussion about troop levels in Afghanistan during the Obama administration.

The document says that this debate was once important for Biden, but he found it difficult to remember basic details, describing one of the generals who agreed with him as someone with whom he disagreed.

Bottom line: “Biden will likely present himself to the jury, as he did during our interview…as a sympathetic, well-meaning old man with a failing memory.”

Biden’s lawyer responded indignantly.

In an appendix to the document, a White House counsel described Hoare’s remarks as inaccurate and inappropriate.

Trump noted
The special counsel’s report says Trump’s alleged behavior in his secret documents case was worse than Biden’s, as it explained why no charges were filed in the president’s case. (Callahan O’Hare/Reuters)

“The report uses extremely damaging language to describe an occurrence common among witnesses: a lack of recollection of events that occurred years ago,” the response said in a letter from White House lawyers Richard Sauber and Bob Bauer.

“Such comments have no place in the Department of Justice’s report…The President’s inability to recall dates or details of events that occurred years ago is neither surprising nor unusual.”

Biden’s lawyers said other witnesses also suffered from memory loss, and the special counsel’s report treated them more favorably than it did the president.

how It is said that he donated He has run for several Republican political candidates but was appointed to his current position by Attorney General Merrick Garland, and his appointment has won praise from some of his peers.

In his public remarks, Biden also pointed to an aggravating factor. Those interviews with prosecutors took place at a very unfortunate moment.

These events occurred over the course of five hours, during two abnormally hectic days – October 8 and 9 last year, immediately after the Hamas attacks on Israel.

“I was in the middle of dealing with an international crisis,” Biden said in a speech on Thursday.

He added that for him, regarding the issue of documents, “this matter is now closed.”

It is not at all certain that American voters will agree to this.

Americans told pollsters they are concerned about the mental and physical health of both leading presidential candidates, Biden and Republican Donald Trump. In a recent speech, Trump (77 years old) mixed up his primary rival, Nikki Haley, with Democrat and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But new reconnaissance NBC News says such doubts are even worse about Biden: Three-quarters of respondents, including half of Democrats, expressed such concern about him.

Biden’s failed primary challenger this week Criticize Their party to ignore the problem.

“Shame on you all for pretending everything is fine,” Rep. Dean Phillips posted on social media.

“You are leading us – and him – to disaster, and you know it very well.”

Phillips, who was crushed by Biden in two early primaries in the state, posted videos of the president’s recent verbal lapses.

In just the past few days, Biden has:

  • He said, in two words, that he had a conversation at the G7 summit in 2021 with German Helmut Kohl. The former German leader has been dead since 2017, and left office in 1998.
  • In another campaign speech, he talked about speaking at the same 2021 G7 summit as French President Francois Mitterrand, who died 28 years ago. Biden was talking about European leaders’ horror at the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, and their relief at the end of Trump’s presidency. “I said, ‘America is back,’” Biden recalled. “And Mitterrand from Germany – I mean from France – looked at me and said: ‘How long will you be back?’
  • He finds it difficult to remember the name of the Hamas movement. While speaking to reporters about the hostage negotiations in Gaza, Biden paused awkwardly and eventually referred, vaguely, to “the opposition.” Someone in the room said the name, and Biden said, “Yes, I’m sorry. From Hamas.”

Barring a stunning turn of events, Biden will be the Democratic presidential nominee. He chose to run again, easily defeating his only primary competitor.

Democrats It has rules Allowing the party executive to nominate a replacement in the event of a candidate’s resignation, death, or disability.

In any case, Biden will not be sidelined by criminal charges, while Trump faces 91 of them. The special counsel noted that there are clear differences between this documents case and the Trump case.

The report says Biden cooperated with investigators, but “Trump allegedly did the opposite.” It cited allegations that the former president lied and attempted to destroy evidence and obstruct justice after hiding state secrets in his Florida mansion.

This won’t stop Republicans from complaining about double standards in the justice system; Trump and other members of the party did just that on Thursday.

That certainly won’t stop them from using parts of this report as a cornerstone of Trump’s re-election campaign.

Prepare to hear this over and over again.

House Speaker Mike Johnson called it troubling that Biden’s mental condition and alleged limitations were cited as reasons not to charge him.

“A man unable to accept responsibility for the mishandling of classified information is certainly not fit for the Oval Office,” Johnson said in a statement.

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