Crenshaw on Stefanik’s claim she can decertify election if he’s vice president: ‘Completely false’

representative. And Crenshaw (R-Texas) disputed House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik’s (RN.Y.) claim that she would have decertified the 2020 election if she had been vice president, calling it “completely false.”

In response to her comment in a CNN interview, Crenshaw denounced Stefanik’s disdain for the former vice president. Mike PenceArguing that the office does not have the power to decertify the election.

“The only reason I’m not concerned is because what you’re saying is completely untrue,” Crenshaw told CNN on Friday. “The Constitution gives you no power — you, being the vice president — gives you no power to decertify an election. “It’s very clear.”

“I mean we could pull it up on the screen and read it. Mike Pence read it, and he came to the conclusion that he doesn’t have the authority to certify the election.” “The word ‘certification’ isn’t even there. So, the idea that there is a mechanism for Congress to certify or not certify elections is fair — it’s completely wrong.

“Democrats were completely wrong about this,” Crenshaw added. They’ve done that throughout the last few elections. “Republicans are wrong about it this time.”

His statements come after the New York congresswoman On the list of potential teammates It’s for former President Trump’s 2024 ticket, she said He will refuse Electoral votes, unlike Pence, gave President Biden the victory on January 6, 2021.

“I wouldn’t do what Mike Pence did. “I don’t think that was the right approach,” Stefanik told CNN Thursday. “I specifically stand by what I said on the House floor.”

Bash asked the Texas representative what would happen if someone, like Stefanik, was in second place in 2024 and a similar situation occurred.

He ignored the question and insisted that Trump would not become president for a third time. But they added that their position on the issue would not make a difference, because they do not have the power to overturn the certification of the election.

“If Donald Trump wins, he won’t be eligible for re-election a second time, so you won’t actually see that scenario,” Crenshaw said. “If you see this scenario, the vice president can say whatever he wants right at the gavel. “They can say whatever they want, and it won’t matter because it’s not true.”

He added: “The Constitution simply does not allow this.”

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