Taking it all down a slide: The concrete toboggan run attracts hundreds of engineering students

“It is an honor to host the Great Northern Concrete Ski Race in Atlantic Canada for the first time,” says Mark Dixon, General Manager of White Hills Ski Resort. (Jessica Singer/CBC) A small ski resort located in Clarenville on Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula welcomed nearly 400 engineering students from 16 schools across Canada over the weekend […]

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The report found redfish numbers in the Gulf of St. Lawrence were declining even before the fishery reopened

The latest scientific assessment of redfish populations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence brings troubling news, even as fishing groups in Atlantic Canada and Quebec fight over who gets to catch them: their numbers are shrinking rapidly. “I think we’re getting to the point where we clearly see that there’s a limit to this boom,” […]

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The threats to the world’s migratory animals are greater than ever, a landmark UN report says

During the nesting season, the marbled murrelet, Affectionately known Among birdwatchers as a “strange and mysterious little seabird,” it lays a single egg in the thick moss that grows on the branches of old-growth forest canopy in British Columbia. With some of these forests under threat from logging, so are small black and brown-spotted seabirds […]

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