The Ford government is facing legal action over the licensing of a long-term care home with a “higher” coronavirus death rate

The Ontario Health Coalition has taken legal action against the province of Ontario over the granting of a new 30-year license to Southbridge Care Homes — a for-profit company that owns Orchard Villa, where more than 70 residents died during the first wave of the virus. Covid-19 pandemic. It’s hard to think about what happened […]

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Should dementia patients be able to make advance requests for medical assistance in dying?

As the number of dementia patients in Canada continues to rise, calls to allow advance requests for medical assistance in dying (MAID) are also growing. is similar to Controversy over expanding MAID to include only those with mental illnessIt’s another sign that the Canadian government isn’t finished delving into the complexities of end-of-life procedures. There […]

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In the face of a severe shortage of doctors, the federal government provided loan forgiveness to some doctors and nurses

In an effort to increase the number of doctors and nurses working in rural and remote areas, the federal government announced Tuesday that it will increase forgivable loans for some students. Canada has a severe doctor shortage — a problem that is expected to get worse as the population grows and doctors retire en masse. […]

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Alberta has been urged to make a “full legal push” against measles as Europe battles an outbreak

As measles cases rise in Europe, there are calls for Alberta public health officials to take stronger steps to prevent an outbreak. Global Health Organization Recently warned from U.S A significant rise in cases in Europe The issue was travel related Reported in Montreal last week. The measles virus, a highly contagious and potentially fatal […]

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Heart disease strikes South Asians earlier and more severely. Vascular repairs offer insight into why: study

A new Canadian study suggests that the timeline for heart disease is accelerated in people of South Asian descent, and part of the answer may lie in faulty repairs of blood vessel damage. Cardiovascular disease affects the heart and blood vessels and can lead to the need for bypass surgery and other treatments. Researchers previously […]

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