This city in the Arctic Circle is anticipating a green energy boom. Then came Biden’s economics.

In Mo i Rana, a small Norwegian industrial town on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, a cavernous gray factory stands empty and unfinished in the snowy twilight – a monument to unfulfilled economic hope. Electric battery company Freyr was at some point building this massive facility when the Biden administration’s sweeping climate bill passed […]

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Tuesday Briefing – New York Times

Israel rescued two hostages in a bloody operation Israeli special operations forces freed two hostages The army in the city of Rafah in Gaza said that the Israeli attacks killed dozens of Palestinians in the city, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza. The rescue operation sparked joy in Israel, where the fate of […]

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Monday Briefing – New York Times

Trump’s reaction alarmed NATO allies Donald Trump said over the weekend that when he was president, he told NATO allies he “would do it.”Encouraging Russia to do “whatever it wants” with countries Who did not pay the money they claimed they owed the military coalition. Trump’s statement, made during a campaign rally in South Carolina, […]

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Trump threatens to favor enemies over friends, and threatens to turn the international order upside down

Shortly after former President Donald J. Trump took office, his staff explained how NATO’s mutual defense commitments would work. “Do you mean that if Russia attacks Lithuania, we will go to war with Russia?” He replied. “This is madness.” Mr. Trump has never believed in the basic concept of the Atlantic alliance, which is “one-for-all […]

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In short, Ukraine is discussing how to find the next wave of troops

Soldiers fight in muddy, frozen trenches bombarded by artillery, or in burned and destroyed homes in urban combat. Casualty rates are high and dangerous missions, such as storming enemy-controlled tree lines, are frequent. As they plotted to revamp Ukraine’s military establishment under harsh conditions, both the country’s former commander-in-chief and his successor emphasized the same […]

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