Israel’s War on Gaza: List of Main Events, Day 131 | News of the Israeli war on Gaza

explainer Israel and Hamas are making progress toward another ceasefire as pressure mounts against the planned Israeli offensive in Rafah. Here’s how things look on Wednesday: February 142024: The humanitarian crisis in Gaza Israel and Hamas are making progress toward another truce and prisoner release agreement, an Egyptian and Western official told the Associated Press […]

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An air strike from an Israeli hostage rescue operation eliminates a Palestinian family News of the Israeli war on Gaza

Ibrahim Hassouna walked tiredly over the rubble of his destroyed home, pointing out the family moments he spent — where his mother and sister-in-law slept, where he played with his five-year-old nieces, where he helped his little girl. -One-year-old nephew taking his first steps. His entire family was now dead: his parents, his two brothers, […]

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Biden criticizes Trump’s criticism of NATO, calling it “shameful” and “un-American” | NATO News

The front-runner Republican candidate questioned the United States’ readiness to support its NATO allies if they were attacked. United States President Joe Biden has condemned comments about NATO made by his potential 2024 election opponent and former President Donald Trump as “dangerous” and “un-American” and said they raise the stakes for the US Congress to […]

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