Canada imposes sanctions on Hamas leaders while Jolie calls for more aid to the Gaza Strip

Canada has imposed sanctions on nearly a dozen activists in response to the brutal attack on Israel by Hamas and other groups last year.

Canadians are now prohibited from having any financial dealings with 10 people linked to Hamas, including senior leaders, and one person linked to a Palestinian militant group called Islamic Jihad.

Foreign Minister Mélanie Jolie said she hoped this would hamper fundraising for Hamas, which Ottawa classifies as a terrorist organization.

Canada has imposed sanctions on Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, accused of planning the brutal October 7 attack that killed 1,200 people in Israel and took 250 more hostage.

Also on the list is the military commander of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Akram Al-Ajouri.

Jolie said that she is in contact with her Jordanian counterpart to find out how more aid can reach the Gaza Strip. She described the situation there as terrible and catastrophic.

Since the attack last October, Israel has bombed the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territories and imposed severe restrictions on vital humanitarian aid.

The Hamas-run Ministry of Health in the Strip says about 27,500 Palestinians were killed in the bombing.

Tuesday marks the first time Canada has imposed individual sanctions on non-state actors.

Ottawa also said it was considering sanctions on violent Israeli settlers in the West Bank, but has resisted calls from pro-Palestinian groups to do the same for Israeli government officials who make inflammatory comments.

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