British intelligence describes the consequences of the Ukrainian strike on Belbek Airport in Crimea

The British Ministry of Defense has assessed that the recent strike by Ukrainian forces on Belbek airfield in occupied Crimea has further undermined the potential of Russian aircraft.

source:British Intelligence review On February 10, it was reported by the European newspaper Pravda

details: British intelligence noted that on January 31, Ukraine struck Russia’s Belbek airfield in Crimea, destroying a “radar control coordination facility bunker.”

quotes“This will certainly weaken Russia’s ability to coordinate air activity in the Black Sea region, increasing dependence and pressure on the already stretched region.” A-50 MAINSTAY fleet, as well as an increasingly depleted pool of trained personnel available to direct air operations.

More details: British intelligence explained that Russian doctrine stipulates an important role for ground command positions to coordinate air forces, especially fighter ones, including in the context of a large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Given the need to operate in Ukraine, British intelligence noted that “Russian pilots and ground personnel alike are almost certainly now suffering from combat fatigue.”

quotes“Any further strikes on vital coordination points in Crimea will certainly increase these pressures, increasing the possibility of error or miscalculation.”

background: On January 31, Explosions were heard In various cities in the occupied Crimean peninsula, columns of smoke were seen in the sky of Belbek Airport. Ukrainska Pravda sources in the armed forces said that the airport was bombed with cruise missiles.

The Air Force later indicated that a strike was likely At least three Russian aircraft were hit And some employees.

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