Barbara Corcoran is dumped by her ex-boyfriend so he can run away with her secretary – and she then becomes a self-made millionaire

‘You’ll Never Succeed Without Me’: Barbara Corcoran was dumped by her ex-boyfriend so he could run away with her secretary – and then she became a self-made millionaire

Barbara Corcoran is the American businesswoman behind the Corcoran Group, based in New York City Real estate The brokerage sold it in 2001 for $66 million. Today, she plays one of the lead investors on the TV series “Shark Tank” and is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs, especially women.

While a number of factors contributed to Corcoran’s success, she admits that a tense conversation with her former boyfriend and business partner was a driving force in encouraging her to not only succeed but excel.

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Corcoran remembered the story during a… Guest appearance On the podcast “The Diary of a CEO” by entrepreneur Stephen Bartlett in December 2022. It says that Ramon Simon owns 51% of the company they own Participated in its founding In 1973 after he loaned her $1,000. But after seven years of working together, he left with her secretary. “You’ll never make it without me,” he told Corcoran at parting.

She described the comment as “evil” and said at the time that she hated it. But looking back, she realizes that if that hadn’t happened, she wouldn’t have had the motivation to build the Corcoran Group to where it is today.

A woman in a male-dominated industry

Corcoran says that being a woman in a male-dominated industry early in her career was very difficult, and she was often overlooked. So, she played the “cards” she had in her favor, which meant wearing short skirts, tight bodysuits and high heels to go along with lots of flattery. Corcoran admits that she manipulated men so she could get ahead, and while she jokes that she might not get to heaven because of it, it clearly worked.

In 2001, after decades of establishing one of New York’s largest real estate firms, she sold it to the Corcoran Group for $66 million.

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“My goal was to be queen New York Real Estate“And one day I woke up and I was” Corcoran said On personal finance expert Erika Kohlberg’s podcast “Erika Taught Me” in April 2023.

With her dream fulfilled, Corcoran decided to begin the next chapter of her life.

“Shark” was born.

Sculpt her Private road And going for what you want is a theme in Corcoran’s life.

On Kullberg’s podcast, Corcoran shares the story behind her appearance on “Shark Tank.” While it may seem to those of us at home that she was a natural fit for the show, it turns out that the creators tried to deselect her even after she signed the contract. However, Corcoran says she wrote an email detailing the obstacles she had overcome in her life and got an audition against her potential replacement. She has regained her position.

“I got my job on Shark Tank playing Fairy Godmother and making dreams come true,” she said.

Corcoran’s journey has certainly not been easy. Her life full of dedication and hard work is the reason why she has become an inspiration to many.

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