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The United States claims that Iran violated its sanctions when it sold the jumbo jet to Venezuela.

Tehran, Iran – The United States seized a Boeing 747 cargo plane that Iran sold to a Venezuelan state airline, drawing condemnation from Tehran.

The US Department of Justice announced late Monday that it had seized the plane after Argentina grounded it 18 months ago. Washington says the sale of the plane to Venezuela in 2022 by the Iranian company Mahan Air violates its sanctions on Tehran.

The United States imposed sanctions on the airline due to its association with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Washington said that Mahan Air’s sale of the plane to Venezuelan company Emtrasur violates these sanctions. After the deal, Argentina grounded the jumbo jet in July 2022.

“Mahan Air — known for transporting weapons and fighters for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah — violated our export restrictions by selling this aircraft to a Venezuelan cargo airline. It is now the property of the United States government,” Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement Matthew S. Axelrod said at a news conference. “. statement.

Since the United States began imposing its toughest unilateral sanctions yet on Iran in 2019, Washington has been treating the IRGC — a crucial military and economic component of the establishment in Iran — as a “power.”Foreign terrorist organization“.

“Property and possessions”

Iran was quick to criticize the American move. Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Al-Kanaani condemned this as “illegal” in a short statement, stressed that it violated the United Nations Charter, and pledged to help Caracas recover the Boeing plane.

He added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran declares its decisive support for the legal and diplomatic efforts made by Venezuela in order to restore ownership and access to the country’s property and possessions.”

The Venezuelan government described the transfer as a “greedy and shameful operation” and pledged to “take all measures to restore justice and achieve the return of the plane to its rightful owner” without going into any detailed steps.

administration Nicolas Maduro, who is allied with Tehran Argentina was convicted of “collusion” with the United States and violating international aviation regulations and the rights of Emtrasur.

The US Department of Justice cited court documents alleging that the plane’s registered captain was a former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and a shareholder and board member of Fars Air Qeshm, which the US claims is affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Quds Force foreign operations The branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard responsible for operations outside Iran.

Since the Argentine authorities grounded the plane, the United States has sought to seize it.

The US Department of Justice said that the American-made plane is scheduled to be disposed of after its arrival in Florida. He did not go into further details.

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